Jardin communautaire Cockerills Park

Jardin communautaire Cockerills Park

This community garden has been launched in july 2018 by the association Inter-Actions. The project enhances a dynamic development of the areas Al Esch and Brill, by motivating residents and families to reconnect with nature, to tie social relationships and to strengthen human relation and social encounter.

The project allows the residents to contribute to the improvement of their living space and to enhance an exchange and living together between people of different geographic and social roots and ages.

The residents can reconquer the public space by becoming integral local actors. At the same time, they are gaining back an ecological dimension in their respective area by cultivating small amounts of vegetables for themselves and their families.
Participation in the garden does not depend on the payment of a membership fee and is without waiting list.


Collective management of the entire land


Educational, Intercultural, School garden, Community approach for a better local social cohesion

Eligibility conditions

No waitiing list


Ensemble Al Esch-Brill-Grenz (inter-Actions asbl) | 118-120 Avenue J.F. Kennedy L-4171 Esch-Alzette | 621357733
www.inter-actions.lu | www.projet-ensemble.lu