Geméisgäertchen am Kolléisch

De klenge Geméisgäertchen am Kolléisch

This small veggie garden has been initiated in 2018 by two teachers from the 'Lycée classique de l'Athénée' together with the pupils of the 4e 'development class' and in collaboration with the association of the vegetable gardens in Esch and the CIGL Esch.

The garden is maintained by the pupils of the development class. In the raised beds are cultivated strawberries, salads, leek, basil, tomatoes and thyme.

Participation in the garden does not depend on the payment of a membership fee and is without a waiting list.

The access is restricted to the pupils of the school.

Garden type

Raised beds


Educational, School garden

Eligibility conditions

No waiting list


23, bd Pierre Dupong | L-1340 Luxembourg