Jardin communautaire Consdorf

Gemeinschaftsgaart "Hoogarden"

The municipality of Consdorf, in cooperation with Mëllerdall Nature Park and with assistance from expert André Erpelding, has created a community garden in the centre of Consdorf. The site is owned by the municipality and has a surface area of 35 ares.

The community garden concept makes it possible for citizens who don’t own a garden themselves to lease a plot. One of the 14 existing plots will be cultivated by the neighbouring Maison Relais. The use of pesticides on public land has been prohibited by law since 1 January 2016. That’s why all plots are cultivated organically. André Erpelding will help the amateur gardeners by providing special training courses.

Participation in the garden is subject to payment of a membership fee and with a waiting list.


Combined management (collective and private)


Self-production, Educational, Intercultural, Activities with 'Maison Relais'

Eligibility conditions

Waiting list


Rue Greveneck L-6211 Consdorf
robert.alfter@consdorf.lu | www.naturpark-mellerdall.lu